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Our software tracks every purchase associated with your affiliate link and we'll pay you and send you a report of every transaction.

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What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a marketing arrangement where you share a special link that is unique to you in a social media post, a review, an email, or anywhere you want to share. It links to our merchant website. When your visitors click the link and make a purchase from our merchant website (like the course), you receive a commission on the sale. Does it cost anything to join an affiliate program? Nope. Sign up is free.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is technology that works with web browsers to store information like user preferences, login information, etc. For affiliate programs, cookies are used to track when a visitor to your site clicks on a link or banner and then follows that link and makes a purchase. This identifies you as the referrer of the sale and you get paid a commission.

What is my responsibility as a VPA Affiliate

We simply ask that you be respectful when you present a referral comment, post, and link to our courses and products at Volume Photo Academy.  It is not our nature to bug, harass, or be overly aggressive when promoting our programs.  Abide by the rules of the locations you’re posting (i.e. a Facebook Group).  Normally, you may suggest products or programs that you believe in or that you have had success with, but reposting it twice a day will most likely get you booted from the group.  So please use some common sense.

How will I monitor sales?

Affiliate Users receive an Affiliate User Welcome email containing their login credentials and a link to access their Affiliate Portal upon being added as an Affiliate.

After your Affiliate logs in, they will be able to access and return to their Affiliate Portal to view their stats, export their reports, copy their unique Affiliate Share Links, and edit their Settings

How much will I make?

Affiliate percentages vary with the product and program being offered as well as any discount we might provide to your unique audience.  The larger a discount we provide to your audience, the lower percentage we’re able to off you, but it possibly will mean that more people will sign up for the course or program.  If you have a special request, please contact us directly to discuss it.