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Heading Sub Title

Our 17th Annual School & Sports Photography Boot Camp!.

Heading Sub Title

At Boot Camp, You Will Learn:.

  • Learn how to overcome Entrepreneur Overwhelm and love your job again.
  • We’ll teach you how to stop Being the Biggest Bottleneck in your business.
  • Together we will Develop Systems for your Business – our Top 10
  • Customer Service and Account Retention.  Keep ‘em happy!
  • Tips on hiring & compensating part-time, seasonal, and freelance help.
  • Add-on Profits: Yearbooks, Sports Programs, Daycare Memory Books.
  • For Sports, we’ll be teaching both traditional AND virtual-style photography.
  • Fast & Efficient post-production in hours, not days.
  • Smart and inexpensive outsourcing to save you time & your sanity!
  • Time-saving and cost-effective ways to find and prospect new accounts
  • How to make winning presentations to Schools, Preschools, & Sports Leagues.
  • Learn secrets to beating larger Regional and National competitors.
  • Learn how to SELL the new paradigms versus the old-fashioned traditional ways.
  • Online Prepay vs On-Site Prepay vs Online Proofing; what’s best and when?
  • Learn how to price your work to win the account while still maximizing profits.
  • Learn the secrets of creating Package combinations that sell and encourage upsells. 
  • Learn how to handle requests for Rebates and Commissions without breaking the bank.
  • How to effectively schedule picture days to minimize Staff & equipment needs.
  • Learn what Camera equipment, technology, lighting, and backgrounds you will need.
  • Extraction Photography (greenscreen/whitescreen). The BEST techniques for shooting it for best first-time results. 
  • How to create the BEST picture day experience for Sponsors and Customers.
  • Learn SPEED POSING techniques to optimize your photography throughput. 
  • Learn about Capture & production Automation utilizing barcodes and QR codes.
  • Production Software; Low, Medium and High Volume systems. What’s right for you?
  • Smart outsourcing to save you time & your sanity!
  • E-Commerce Systems.  What’s really working? What’s best practice?