Wednesday Recap and Release

We’ll gather after this awesome day with younger children and recap the day’s knowledge bombs.  This de-brief is important and is a great time to see what elements each attendee noticed and what insights everyone can share.  Oh Yeah, There will be Prizes for those in attendence!!!

Preschool Photography – Working with the Littles!

Are you ready to kick off your shoes (figuratively) and get to work?  We’ll have some bright shining faces and you’ll learn how to keep them that way as you capture their personality and essence in portraits.  Learn the “What to say” and “What NOT to say” keys to success when working with younger children.  We’ll use props, let them bring their own props, work without props – a little of everything.  Come, partake, enjoy…and most of all learn!

Preschool Photography – Now What? Post Production & e-Commerce

Melissa will share with you how important it is to manage your data and images and how you can do that effectively.  Learn how to get all the right names on all the right faces and get bright – shining proofs out to parents quickly so that they can fall in love with their ‘Little’ all over again.

Preschool Photography – How to have an Amazing Picture Day!

Melissa and her team at Spoiled Rotten Photography are the champions of an “Amazing Picture Day!”   She will walk you through step-by-step how to set it up, execute with enthusiasm, and wrap it all up so that your center directors are totally in love with you!  

Preschool Photography – Expectations, Sales, and Marketing

With some of the youngest parents out there in our industry, what are the expectations of parents, teachers, and directors when you are photographing Daycares, Preschools, and Learning Centers?  What are the differences between Daycares, Preschools, and Learning Centers and do they affect your photography program?  Once you decide to dive into this amazing market, how to you find, acquire, and retain the very best centers?  Melissa will answer all in this fun and exciting day of photography.

Wednesday Kickoff – Early Childhood Photography!

Who’s ready for some ‘Littles’?  We’ll make a quick recap of Tuesday’s sessions and then set the stage for Melissa Tash of Spoiled Rotten Photography to show us how it’s done.  We’ll have some prizes, but yes, you must be present to win.