Preschool Photography – Expectations, Sales, and Marketing

With some of the youngest parents out there in our industry, what are the expectations of parents, teachers, and directors when you are photographing Daycares, Preschools, and Learning Centers?  What are the differences between Daycares, Preschools, and Learning Centers and do they affect your photography program?  Once you decide to dive into this amazing market, how to you find, acquire, and retain the very best centers?  Melissa will answer all in this fun and exciting day of photography.


SAM – Sales and Marketing –

We’ll build on the material sent in the Pre-Con Virtual material (provided to all Registered Attendees in their Lobby) and dive in to;

The Number 1 – Key Thing You MUST Have to be Successful in This /
Who are your real Decision Makers /
How to reach them effectively in 2023 /
Where to find new opportunities /
What it takes: /
Winning Bids & Presentations /
How to negotiate Rebates & Commissions