Monday Recap and Release

Come back together for a Recap of the day’s discussions and review, the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty of what you’ve learned today.

We will download model images and prepare for a review of the images tomorrow.

Instructions and Housekeeping for the next day will be reviewed at this point.  Oh Yeah, PRIZES WILL BE GIVEN AWAY HERE – and you DO have to be present to win!

School Photography – Working with the Models!

Okay, it’s time!

It’s our first Hands-On Model Event for this year’s boot camp and we’ll start with an easy segment – school photography.

We’ll look at various setups and let you get Hands-On with our stations and models to get some practice under your belt for conversations to have and also for you to see the pace and rhythm of a school picture day.

Model Event – not for you?  no problem.  Checkout the Networking Segment that is going on simultaneously in the Breakout Room!

School Photography – Equipment Lighting & Posing Demo

Ready to see it in action?   We’ll take our 2 photo stations and walk through the actual Picture Day Process.  

We will discuss:

Best Practices for Setup /
Modern Photo Gear & what you really need or don’t to be successful /
Metering Your Lights & White Balancing /
Decisions on Traditional or Extracted programs /
Sample Model to discuss posing

School Photography – Post Production & E-Commerce

Congratulations!  You had a Perfect Picture Day!  Now What?

We’ll break down and discuss:

Post-event process /
Proper Image Backup and Safety /
Common Post Production Workflows for Traditional / Extracted programs

School Photography – How to conduct the Perfect Picture Day!

Picture Day starts way before the first “Cheese!”  We will set up the right Picture Day Processes and Systems and provide you a checklist to ensure you “Tick all the right boxes” and really impress your Decision Makers this season.  

We will discuss:

Staffing /
Logistics /
Setup /
Lighting Diagrams /
Before-During-After Checklists and Processes /
Breakdown Best Practices /
Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow /
“What Now?”


SAM – Sales and Marketing –

We’ll build on the material sent in the Pre-Con Virtual material (provided to all Registered Attendees in their Lobby) and dive in to;

The Number 1 – Key Thing You MUST Have to be Successful in This /
Who are your real Decision Makers /
How to reach them effectively in 2023 /
Where to find new opportunities /
What it takes: /
Winning Bids & Presentations /
How to negotiate Rebates & Commissions

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY – Current Expectations

Building on the Pre-Con virtual courses sent out to attendees, we will begin with the Norms & Expectations of 2023-24 School Photo Expectations.

What is currently being offered/desired in School Photography in 2023 /
Who are your current Decision Makers /
How are they different in 2023