Dance, Cheer, and Gymnastics – Post Production and E-Commerce

Sheryl will take you through how she takes dozens (or hundreds) of individual images and creates some stunning group photos.  Plus, she will share her secret to success for getting these images in front of excited parents so they can “Get Them All!” (for Big Bucks!)

Preschool Photography – Now What? Post Production & e-Commerce

Melissa will share with you how important it is to manage your data and images and how you can do that effectively.  Learn how to get all the right names on all the right faces and get bright – shining proofs out to parents quickly so that they can fall in love with their ‘Little’ all over again.

Sports Photography – Post Production & E-Commerce

Success!  You’ve had an awesome Picture Day with your dozens to hundreds of players…now what?  Carl will walk you through how he takes images and provides an offer parents can’t refuse – to make thousands in profits from each job.  This is for you no matter which e-commerce platform you use!

Sports Photography – How It All Works

From Gear to Picture Day to Workflow, Carl will walk you through the entire process of Sports Photography.  Make sure you’ve watched the Pre-Con videos to give you some of the background for this session.  Pre-Con Videos are accessible through your Boot Camp Lobby after you Register

School Photography – Post Production & E-Commerce

Congratulations!  You had a Perfect Picture Day!  Now What?

We’ll break down and discuss:

Post-event process /
Proper Image Backup and Safety /
Common Post Production Workflows for Traditional / Extracted programs