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Venita Kay Black

Venita Kay Black


Hi, my name is Venita Kay Black and I am honored to be speaking to you about “Easy Ways to Market Your Business”.


I spent 20+ years working with corporate brands in the print media and promotional items sector. 12+ of those years in team management and now Co-Owner of since 2018.

When you are in business (and it doesn’t matter what kind) you need marketing materials. In this session I, will show you how we tap into Canva for inspiration for our marketing materials, social and web graphics, posters, and more.


I know what you are saying, “I use Photoshop. Why would I need Canva?”

Well, it’s simple and it’s simple, even when you have no inspiration.


I will walk you through the process of creating a social media graphic that we will easily turn into a client poster. You will see the marketing magazine that we use to capture our client’s attention as well as the other items in our arsenal.

Every time we see a client, they leave with something of ours in their hands. Front of mind is the focus, and we aren’t talking business cards – just like everyone else.

I can’t wait to meet you, answer your questions, and hopefully help you add another tool to your toolbox that will help you land your next big client!



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