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Your COMBO PASS Lobby - *BOOKMARK This Page!

*BOOKMARK THIS PAGE – You will need it for all sessions

Congratulations! You're In!

This is your One-Stop for everything Volume Photo Academy!

This is your place to be for the Academy and your Combo Pass!   When the Academy Opens,  you will find the “Enter the Session” button which will take you into every session.  It’s the only button you need.  

We’ll also be populating the SWAG BAG of items from our Vendors over the course of the Academy so check out that link once the Academy kicks off.  In it you will find lab and other vendor discounts as well as any other giveaway items we can secure for you.

Once the Academy is over, we’ll edit and populate the REPLAYS and you will have access to them for 90 days (til June 1st).  You’ll receive a separate link by email to your COMBO PASS Replay Page along with the Handouts for the sessions.

You should be all set, but if you have any trouble, you can email our team at