So a couple of things worked against us this season (like the hotel giving our room block to a BIG journalist convention that hit town), but the intimate gathering of about 20 folks made for an amazing week and I know we were able to help some studio owners make Life Altering Change!

As always, we have one or two individuals who set things up, make some calls, and either get appointments or book new jobs while they’re still at Boot Camp!  This year was no exception and I know of at least a school and two leagues booked while we were there!

Plus, our group shared many more bookings once they got home.  These included preschools, schools, leagues, and “the largest private school in the country of Bermuda!”   Just saying!

Of course, at Boot Camp, we got Behind the Camera each night and practiced the genre we discussed in class that day.  Schools, Sports, Preschools, Dance/Gymnastics – we covered them all in-depth.  Plus, on Friday, we broke down the systems to have set up in your business so you can be ready for opportunities as they present themselves.

If you haven’t attended one of our Boot Camps in the past, please join us in 2024.  We’ll be posting dates and location info here on by the end of the year.