The Original and Best School & Sports Photography Bootcamp

If you’ve been wanting to start (or grow) a School, Sports or Childcare Center / Preschool photography component to your business, this is an event you can’t miss. Our annual Boot Camp is the most popular and longest-running high-volume educational event because it features both classroom and HANDS-ON learning experiences, with plenty of time for in-depth questions and answers.

We cover so much more information with in-depth classroom work and hand-on training than conferences with 45-minute sessions.  We give you 6+hours per segment and you will leave here with our best action steps and a plan workbook so that you can immediately book new business that you will be confident to photograph!

Plus, every student completing the course will receive a “Certificate of Instruction” showing you’ve completed 30 hours of curriculum focused on School & Sports Volume Photography and Business Managment.  This proof can be very helpful when working outside your comfort zone to book new events.

For more information or to register, go to:

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